How do I send and receive fax?

To send a Fax
Start your email program and create a new message.
In the "To" field, enter destinationFaxNumber@SpeedFax.co.in
The destination fax number must include the area code + local number without any spaces between the numbers. For example: 1166173838.

For fax message: Attach one PDF file to your email message. Click Send.

To receive a fax:
As soon as you receive your new fax number, you can begin receiving faxes as email attachments. Retrieve your faxes by checking your email. When you receive a fax, open the fax attachment by double clicking on it.

Which file formats am I able to use as attachments?

SpeedFax fax support Adobe Acrobat PDF. You will be notified via email if one of your attachments is not supported.

How long will it take to transmit my fax?

When you send a fax: Upon receipt of your email, we will begin sending your fax to its destination immediately. If not successful on the first attempt, it will be resent 4 more times. When you receive a fax: We immediately convert your fax to an email and forward it to you. The only reason for a delay would be the result of a delay by your internet service provider.

How will I know if my fax is delivered?

An email confirmation notice will be sent to you as soon as the delivery results are known.

Does my computer have to be turned on to receive faxes?

No. All messages are stored in your email account, waiting for you to retrieve them whenever you want.

If two people send me a fax at the same time, will one of them get a busy signal?

No. Your SpeedFax number is an "always-on, never busy" number. Multiple faxes can be received simultaneously.

The faxes I receive are typically 10 - 20 pages long. How large will the file be?

A 10-page fax plus a cover page is approximately 500 kb.

What's SMS Alert service?

You will receive SMS alert on your mobile phone entered at the time of registration.

How do I access my account information?

Login to your account. You will be automatically forwarded to your secure, password protected, Account Information Page.

How do I generate a report of my fax history?

Login to your account information page to check fax history.

Do you put your own advertisements on my faxes?

No we do not include our advertisements on your faxes. SpeedFax Fax is your personal communication medium and we do not interfere with the document in any way.


What are the technical and software requirements of the service?

To send and receive faxes all you need is an email account and Internet access. To enhance your user experience we recommend Netscape 4.75 or Internet Explorer version 5.0 or higher.

The imaging application you require to view multi-page TIF files (faxes) should already be installed on your computer. If this is not the case, please find your operating system below and follow the corresponding steps:

For Windows 95 users, follow these steps,

Create a temporary directory in which to save the download file. The directory's name must be 7 or less characters. Contact us to download "Wang Imaging".
Close all open applications before you install "Wang Imaging".
Extract the software by double-clicking on IMG_US.EXE from Windows Explorer. All files will be placed in the temporary directory.
Install the software by double-clicking on the SETUP.EXE file in the temporary directory.
After installation, you may delete all files from the temporary directory. However, you may wish to retain IMG_US.EXE so that you can reinstall Imaging for Windows any time by following these instructions.

For Windows 98 users, follow these steps,

Click "Start", point to "Settings", and then click "Control Panel".
Double-click "Add/Remove Programs", and then click the "Windows Setup" tab.
Click "Accessories", and then click "Details".
Click the "Imaging" check box to clear it, click OK, and then click "Apply".
Click "Accessories", and then click "Details".
Click the "Imaging" check box to select it, click "OK", and then click "OK" again. When you are prompted to do so, insert your Windows 98 CD-ROM or floppy disks into your CD-ROM or floppy disk drive.

For Windows 2000 users: the imaging software is a compulsory part of your initial Windows setup therefore you will not need to install any additional software.

For Windows XP users, follow these steps,

Double clicking on the "My Computer" icon
Select "Tools -- > Folder Options". A new window will appear.
Select "File Types" from the tabs located at the top of the window.
Scroll down the list of extensions and select "TIF". Under "Details", please ensure that "Windows Picture and Fax Viewer" is the software selected to open TIF files.

For Macintosh users, download "GraphicConverter".

For Linux KDE users, download "KFax".

Is your web site secure?

Our password protected account pages are housed on a secure server.

Can your staff members read my faxes?

No. In order to ensure your security and confidentiality, our system is completely automated. Once your message arrives at your SpeedFax Fax number, it is sent directly to your email address.

Is your system Macintosh compatible?

We do have customers who are Macintosh users and enjoy our service, however it is not a supported platform.

Why I am not able to send fax using Google Chrome and IE 8.0 browsers for web to fax option?

Currently we do not support Google Chrome and IE 9.0 browsers for web to fax option. We are upgrading our software and soon you will be able to use both browsers for web to fax options.

Can I use SpeedFax number with my broadband Internet service?

Yes you can. As long as you can send and receive email you can use Virtual Fax, because it does not rely on a dedicated phone line, but uses your email service instead.

Why I am unable to send faxes using Rediff mail account?

Rediff email encrypt the user id and password mentioned by you in subject line, that's why you get unauthorized user error. Please use web to fax option or other mail provider for email to fax.

What email applications work with this service?

As long as your email is MIME compliant you will be able to use SpeedFax number.

For more details regarding our business mail us at sales@speedfax.in