Save paper and Go Green with Speed Fax

Whether you’re a small business with basic fax needs or a large company that needs a high-volume plan, we have a faxing solution for you. There is No hidden costs or setup fee. SpeedFax is reliable - always online and never busy or out of paper.

E-mail to Fax Service
Send Internet fax directly from your standard email client to any fax number.
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Fax to E-mail Service
Receive faxes directly in your email box.
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Web to Fax Service
SpeedFax clients fax right from web page.
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Send and Receive Faxes by Email

Want a way to cut down on paper around the office? Or just cut expenses for communications? Want to be Free from Your Big Fax Machine?

Now you enjoy the many benefits of online faxing with Speed Fax.

In business today you need to be able to send faxes and receive them but you don't need a fax machine! All you need is an internet connected device and you can send and receive faxes just like e-mail!

Say goodbye to wasted paper and toner. No need to worry about paper getting jammed while sending fax - Speedfax does not use any paper to send your fax.

SpeedFax is the fastest way to send and receive faxes! Our high-quality technology will improve your productivity by cutting the time you spend on faxing in half! Our simple sign up process ensures you are faxing in minutes. There are no hidden fees, no minimums and no risk! Why wait? Fax online and start reducing your costs now!

Fast, easy, and convenient. Instant set-up.

SpeedFax Benefits

No fax machine

No maintenance, no paper, no toner expenditure, and no possible repairs.

Send and receive fax from an email account

Paperless communication, integrated with email.


All actions are done on the web interface. The service is thus available from any computer connected to the Internet.

Go Green

No more paper, it's all stored digitally you only print off what you need. This makes fax to email a GREEN option to save on paper and help the environment.


The faxes are received directly on the email account of the user. The received faxes are then less likely to be lost or read by the wrong people.

No installation of software or hardware

All actions are done on our web interface on the account of the user.

Reduction in phone costs

A dramatic reduction in communication costs especially when long faxes are frequently exchanged with distant offices.
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